My friend Kevin (check out his blogs🤓) and I have been working on a freelance project for a company called Breakup Space. Their mission is to stop the dating trend of ghosting through templated break-up texts. It has been fun and rewarding to work with a company to make their vision a reality.

While building this app we built a feature that lets the user send SMS messages to a mobile device. Ultimately we nixed this feature but I thought it was really fun to create and wanted to share! There are many popular services to use, I found…

By Cynthia Kittler

Web accessibility has been on my mind lately. After talking to an experienced software engineer and attending a React.js Girls event featuring Sophie Koonin as a speaker, both stressed the importance of web accessibility. It surprises me that many US companies do not require web accessibility features.

When web accessibility comes to mind most people think of just adding an alt text to an image, but there is much more to it! This article is a beginner's guide to web accessibility and lists some simple ways to make your website more accessible.

What Is Web Accessibility?

Technology and the web are supposed to make…

I am just coming out of my first technical interview(it was a mock interview🤓). Everyone’s fear is they will be asked a question and completely draw a blank. Well, that happened to me and it was for a surprisingly easy question, what is a CSS box model? My mind raced thinking I use CSS all the time, but how do I not know what that is!? The truth was, during my Bootcamp, I relied on frameworks like Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap and did not take the time to learn fundamental CSS terms. …

Photo by Vojtech Bruzek on Unsplash

As a recent grad from Flatiron’s software engineering Bootcamp I thought it would be no better time to reflect on my capstone project. I remember being in Mod1 and seeing the Mod5 projects and being totally blown away thinking how will I ever be able to do that?! Fast forward 3 short months later, it was my turn to create my very first solo project.

I wanted to bring my past experience as a fashion designer to my new world of coding. I created an app called The Thread. It gives users the capability to scan their clothing tag to…

The internet was designed to be user friendly and to be used for all. One feature that makes it easier for users and visually impaired is speech recognition and speech synthesis.

The Javascript Web Speech API has both speech recognition and speech synthesis functionalities. Speech recognition is the browser’s ability to recognize speech through a device’s microphone and Speech synthesis is the browser’s ability to turn text into speech/audio.

Speech Recognition

I created a basic example of speech recognition based on the Web Speech API. Below is a tutorial for my example.

The first step is to check if the user’s…

While researching javascript animations for my first javascript project I came across the SVG element and scalable vector graphics. I learned they are capable of creating amazing animations and graphics, but I was also very intimidated by them. To get a better understanding of SVGS, here is a basic introduction.

As a beginner of Rails, I often get confused about what generator generates what and the syntax of these commands. Below is a cheat sheet on the four main generators I find most useful.

What are they?

They build out standard features of certain parts of your rails application. To start any generator type rails g or rails generator followed by your command.

To find a list of all generators you can also type rails g. *make sure you are in your rails app*

You will see a terminal output that resembles below. …

People may imagine that a typical day as a fashion designer consists of working with fabric, creating designs, and playing dress-up. The reality is that a majority of the time is spent on a computer writing emails, sourcing trends, and for me working in a program named WFX. WFX and I did not get along. I found it a very tedious program that called for entering every detail of my design process. However, after researching and learning more, I discovered how important this program is and its huge impact on the fashion industry.

So what exactly is WFX? WFX…

Samantha Lurio

Former fashion designer turned software engineer

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